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CORAL meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. Translations of coral. in Chinese Traditional. 珊瑚, 珊瑚紅 淺橘紅, 珊瑚紅色的 淺橘紅色的. in Chinese Simplified. 珊瑚, 珊瑚红 浅橘红, 珊瑚红色的 浅橘红色的. coral, coral masculine. coral, coral masculine.
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Chasing Coral A Netflix Original documentary.
Its not too late for coral reefs indeed, for many other ecosystems that are facing challenges from climate change. Its still possible to reduce the rate at which the climate is changing, and thats within our power today. CHASING CORAL is a production of Exposure Labs, a film and impact production company.
Coral Triangle Places WWF.
The Coral Triangle also supports large populations of commercially important tuna, fueling a multi-billion dollar global tuna industry. Over 120 million people live in the Coral Triangle and rely on its coral reefs for food, income and protection from storms.
coral Definition, Types, Location, Facts Britannica.
Atolls and coral reefs are composed of stony coral. Such formations grow at an average rate of about 0.5 to 2.8 cm per year. Common types of stony coral include brain coral, mushroom coral, star coral, and staghorn coral, all named because of their appearance.
help protect our world's' dying coral reefs. Coral Vita invites you to join us in protecting the world's' coral reefs. By adopting coral fragments to be grown and out-planted into degraded reefs, you can help in the effort to preserve these endangered ecosystems for future generations.
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Coral Value, Price, and Jewelry Information - International Gem Society.
The Mediterranean and Red Sea areas are the principal producers of gem-quality coral.Although more commonly found in tropical regions, in shallow waters with a temperature from13-16C, coral reefs can also occur in colder, deeper waters, such as those found to the west of Ireland.

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